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Mobile App Development - £4,999

No matter what industry you are in, the amount if mobile visitors are something you cannot overlook. Boosting your e-commerce store with a native android & iOS mobile app will surely increase your sales.

  • Notifications - The right notification pushed to the right user at the right time.
  • Schedule - Define your own criteria and manage the automatic dispatch of push notifications.
  • Geofencing - Display notifications based on the location of the user, when the user arrives, dwells within or leaves a defined geographical area.
  • iBeacon - Set up Beacons within a designated space, when a user comes close to one of them, he will receive a notification.
  • Monetization - Circulate ads through external ad networks or the internal ad server.
  • User Authentication - Grant access to the entire app or parts of the app to logged in users with a username/password.
  • Chat & Community - Manage a community of users and integrate an instant messaging service.
  • Loyalty Program - Reward loyal customers right through your app
  • Shop - Create a smooth buying experience straight within your native mobile app.

We create a one of a kind design for your business and through our modular design there are infinite possibilities for a unique identity. You can explore a large choice of our ready templates that have 200+ layout options for your content.