PPC Management

PPC Management - £200 / unlimited budget

Google AdWords & Bing Ads

Pay-Per-Click advertising is one of the most valuable tools available to the world of online publicity. Considering Google AdWords consists of over 30% of all online ad revenue generated it’s a pretty big thing, for both Google and the marketer. Adwords alone accounts for approximately 93% of google’s total revenue. It’s something which is vital for any business.

Our goals should be the same as yours, increasing your return on investment (ROI) with more leads, sales and conversions while reducing your overall cost per acquisition (CPA). As a Google & Bing Partner, the two most predominate PPC platforms available to the world of PPC marketing, we understand how important these platforms are. We have strategic plans in place when taking on clients, setting targets in place between the customer and us, ensuring we achieve realistic objectives. We manage campaigns for Search, Display and Shopping with daily optimisation and structuring. We have extensive experience with these platforms for online e-commerce businesses and service based sites giving us that advantage to our clients.

Social Media PPC & Broadcasting

Expanding our pay per click advertising expertise beyond with Social Media Marketing to increase your online exposure. Content is always key in anything marketing related, however, more so with social media; you want your customers & target audience to engage with your content not just see it. Companies tend to get caught up in the hype with just seeking likes and follows when, while yes these are relevant this should not be your ultimate goal. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin all have very efficient in-depth PPC interfaces to allow companies to engage with their clients at an effective level. We are not only able to manage PPC platforms for social media but also broadcast your content.

We offer broadcasting packages for your social media with relevant, unique, practical content. Essentially we can ratify your social media accounts ensuring there is daily content being published. We offer three main broadcasting packages;


You’ve got PPC for Google Adwords, Bing and Social media, but are you engaging with your clients via remarketing? Even if you are using GDN did you know you can expand outside the Google Display network reaching over 98% of the web? Remarketing is one of the most effective ways of re-engaging with your potential customers and clients, and we don’t just use it as an essential tool, we are experts of remarketing.