Store Build or Redesign - Starting From £600

Get your Shopify store up and running, with options ranging from basic theme setup to completely custom solutions for your existing business or business idea.

Store Migration - Starting from £300

Migrating your store to Shopify involves transferring your data (products, customers, etc.) and setting up a new store with a matching design and optimized content. This often includes integrating payment methods, configuring shipping & taxes, and recommending useful apps.

Theme Customization - Starting from £80

Shopify theme customization service is like giving your online store a makeover! It lets you:

  • Tweak the look: Change colors, fonts, and layouts to match your brand and style.
  • Organize your store: Rearrange sections, add new ones or edit existing ones to make browsing easier.
  • Enrich the content: Modify text, add banners, and even customize product information.
  • Enhance features: Use the editor or apps to add basic functionalities like product filtering.

Think of it like decorating your room: you can change the paint, furniture arrangement, and add personal touches whether it is small or major structural changes.